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Survival gear are the tools, equipments, gadgets and materials which help you survive in the wild and in an emergency.

These gear will help you accomplish a certain task, speed up a process, improve your environment, enhance communications, etc. The usage possibility only be depend on your creativity and tool’s capacity.

This page will list out and explain every survival gear and you click on the learn more button to find more detail, uses, emergency it’s used on, how to use it, reviews, buying guides, reviews, etc.


The flashlight is among the most underrated survival tool of all time, but then again it proves to be more than handy at certain situations. When darkness and uncertainty surround you, these are your best friends to lead you in the right direction without losing track of journey.

You will find different types of flashlights out there for different purposes. For example, a tactical one could be completely different from the hunting flashlight.

So, we experts will torch your way forward with our expert reviews & guides on flashlights to find the one that suits you the best.

Camping Tent

The camping tent is a real companion to a lone traveler who is passionate about exploring the nature at its supreme form. These tents allow you to dock in one position temporarily without external disturbance to enjoy your outdoor trip.

These foldable designs have revolutionized your ultimate camping experience. However, as a buyer, you may feel the heat to select the right camp tent because there are so many different manufacturers of them.

Starting from low to mid to expensive models they got you covered. Therefore, we urge you to take advantage of our camp tent section for a better understanding.


Navigation is the fundamental pillar of survival, and this topic is utterly incomplete without discussing the evergreen compass tool. Next time when you head out for a hunting vacation make sure to have one of these with you, and we will guarantee you that you will find your way back to home no matter what happens.

From high-tech digital compass to good old physical ones there is no short of options. But then again, what to choose is the million dollar question.

See our team share their research & findings on the best compasses exclusively for you in this section.

Outdoor GPS

If you head outdoors you should have at-least 1 GPS unit; it is simple as that. Outdoor GPS is an excellent piece of equipment both for modern hunters and beginners.

Getting lost in the course of the journey is no fun and can put your life in danger if unable to make it back to starting position in time.

Watch out for the fake or faulty GPS models on the market. It is not worth the risk to spend on a cheaper one for the sake of budget only to find out it let you down in the mid-journey unable to track your location.

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