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10 Best Hunting Backpacks in 2021

best hunting backpacks A hunting backpack isn’t just a pack; it is a means to take vital lifesaving gear and a means to get your hard-won meat from the backcountry and to your table. Due to this, it is essential to get the best hunting backpack.

How do you find out the right hunting bag for your requirements? It can be hard. To help solve the confusion, we have made this ultimate guide for you.

We will also look into how to select a hunting pack and answering a few of the FAQs later in the article.

This post reviews ten of the best backpacks for hunting, which have gone way beyond a simple bag strapped onto your back. Let us see who makes the grade, shall we?

Comparison Table of the Best Hunting Backpacks

ModelMaterialCapacityWeightNumber of PocketsBest ForCheck on Amazon
ALPS OutdoorZ CommanderNylon ripstop5,250 cu-in7lbs 5oz6Backcountry huntingCheck Best Price
ALPS OutdoorZ PursuitInternal aluminum frame2,700 cu-in4lbs 1oz6Bow huntingCheck Best Price
Badlands 2200KXO-32 fabric2,250 cu-in5lbs 15oz8Deer huntsCheck Best Price
Badlands SuperdayREALTREE EDGE CAMO1,950 cu-in3lbs 15oz7Day backpackingCheck Best Price
Eberlestock X2Microsuede waterproof fabric1,830 cu-in4lbs 8ozMultiple pocketsElk huntCheck Best Price
Tenzing 2220Textile and synthetic2,228 cu-in4lbs 0oz11Lightweight huntsCheck Best Price
ALPS OutdoorZ Big BearRealtree Edge2,700 cu-in2lbs 5ozTwo side, front & mainTwo packs in oneCheck Best Price
Timber Hawk KillshotPolyester-brushed tricot3,429 cu-in7lbs 6ozMultiple pocketsMulti-day backcountry huntsCheck Best Price
ALPS OutdoorZ Dark TimberBrushed fabric2,285 cu-in2lbs 1oz6When durability and comfort are a mustCheck Best Price
Insights Hunting The VisionRealtree Edge1,789 cu-in4lbs 5oz9Fits all compound bowsCheck Best Price

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander - Best Backcountry Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

There are plenty of pockets to make use of in the exterior, so you got plenty of room for bits and pieces. The internal compartment is divided into two quickly enough.

It has a lot of storage capacity, so you may pack everything you require for a long trip. Also, there is ample space to store big kills and a durable frame to support you bring them home.

Featuring numerous handy accessories like pole straps and rifles that have a quick-release feature for easy-entry, this is a bag that will care for you in hunting trips.

The zippers quickly move and will not make much sound when you draw them. They are perfect for as you ought to get back to your backpack and grab anything but do not want to disrupt your game.

For ease of use, this backpack includes a lower opening yet loads off the top; thus, there are various ways by which you may unpack and pack it.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit - Best Bow Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

The Blaze orange rain cover and the brushed “Raintree” camouflage design enable you to blend into the ecosystem while maintaining your equipment dry.

This bag is created for longer outings and has an integrated hydration pocket to ensure that you could quickly access the water. Also, there is a room in it for holding your rifle.

Providing space, comfort, and versatility not present in similar-sized packs, the Pursuit model can securely keep your hunting kit. Also, there is enough space to load for emergencies too.

The internal aluminum frame offers stability, mainly when you’re at rough trails. And it has a total of 2700 cubic inches volume and a range of exterior pouches and storage pockets.

It comes with a divider inside that splits the lower and upper sections of the backpack. It, in return, makes it simpler to access the things that you want.

Also, it includes webbing loops, lashing straps, plus pin attachments that making accessing and carrying tools a snap. It’s an excellent way of increasing the bag’s capacity.

Badlands 2200 - Best Deer Hunting Backpack

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

The product is equipped with a hip belt pistol holster and rifle boot together with its ultra-silent KXO-32 fabric that blends into nearly any setting with ease and stealth.

The meat is kept in individual zippered pockets, which are big enough. It allows you to keep the meat secure and fresh until you return to your home or camp.

Sold together with a lifetime warranty meaning Badlands will fix it, and keep supporting it – should the product gets broken. It is a good thing when you want to use it much longer.

It has enough space to take out layers and wrap away for once the climate gets too warm while still staying light enough to not get in the way of your treks.

The pack has a light aluminum frame inside to give extra support to your things and even the weight a little. It’s padded using foam that fits on your back shape.

This bag is well-balanced, surprisingly. The strap’s positioning makes it likely to spread the weight in your back much evenly.

Badlands Superday - Best Hunting Day Pack

Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

The total volume of this pack is 1440 cubic inches (23.6 liters), and it arrives with as much as 7 pockets. The camouflage pattern lets you mix in the outside environment, too.

Made with ambidextrous holsters to pistols, camo style KXO-32 fabric which is well-suited to bow hunting, plus quick-access waist belt pouches the Badlands’ Superday is a great pack that should last a life long. If it does not, Badlands will repair it for you as many occasions as you want.

The craftsmanship place into this backpack is first class. Also, it is among those quiet fabrics that will let you stay hidden in a few thickets while you wait out for elk.

It is an excellent alternative should you need lots of space for all your weapons of choice and essentials. This one is used to hold anything you need.

The pack boasts an excellent style throughout from extra pockets to zippers and quality materials, which are essential for a dependable backpack.

This product is hydration-compatible, meaning that it can hold a 2-liter water bladder snugly and safely. So, you will not get dehydrated while you do your hunting.

Eberlestock X2 - Best Hunting Backpack for Elk Hunt

Eberlestock X2 Pack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

Dimension-wise, this bag seems compact at a glimpse. However, that is deceiving. The ingenious bat-wing design ensures that the backpack got tons of free space in it.

It features scabbards to bring your rifle and bow. Also, it has a casing to keep your binos. You may also choose to get lock straps to haul your sleeping bag into the backpack.

The entirely-meshed rear panel is undoubtedly comfortable. You will find a considerable air gap making sure your back is getting sufficient air for utmost comfort.

What makes this pack unique, though, is its flex chassis. With this thing, it turns the pack more flexible. You can utilize it like a seat when it is flipped forward.

When the bag is in action, the chassis even out the load correctly. You could then correct the compression straps for getting the ideal weight distribution and fit for yourself.

The positioning of the accessories and pockets makes it simple to access these when you want. You will not have to bother about fiddling in your bag and missing your next predator.

Tenzing 2220 - Best Lightweight Hunting Backpack

Tenzing 2220 Daypack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

The product is big enough to manage a day worthy of foods and a Camelbak pocket, and any extra necessities you may need plus the straps are easily adjusted while removing items.

Its specially-created zippers are non-sound producing, which means you will have the edge of absolute stealth while unloading your bag. Also, they are color-coded; therefore, you do not have to squander time searching for the correct compartment.

The individual pockets are great to separate your gear when it comes to priority. The breathable material means that while in the summer times, your body is receiving the cooling airflow that it requires.

It has an internal aluminum frame that aids your back hence keeps the bag’s shape for over 15 miles, despite added bulk that may be removed in the hunt.

Also, there is a bow carry boot and a foldout gun that got a more practical design compared to many others for sale, particularly to daypacks.

It also provides a hydration system; therefore, there is no messing over with water containers. The side pouches on your belt could hold necessary gear.

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear - Best Hunting Waist Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

The camo design (Realtree Edge) helps you go unnoticed in the forest, and that is a massive advantage if you ought to ensure that your possible targets do not spot you ahead of you identify them.

It weighs at merely 2 lbs and 5 ounces. The point that it’s lightweight does not make its volume too little, though, because it can provide you as much as 44 liters (or 2,700 cubic inches).

It’s a flexible backpack since you can transport emergency kit, food, water, and whatever else you think needed to your day adventure. Also, there is sufficient space for your tracking gadgets.

This pack’s waist belt is padded. You will find two quick-access pockets in which the version is outfitted along, so you may use these to store your most essential tools as close as possible.

It has a padded shoulder harness along with a camera pocket, binocular pocket, and a turkey call pocket. The backpack comes with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps to a high degree of convenience.

Timber Hawk Killshot - Best Hunting Backpack with Rifle Holder

Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

It arrives in a camo design that makes it simple to blend with the brushes, and it’s built to be silent, so you do not have to fear of startling close by prey.

The Killshot consists of durable compression straps that provide lots of stability while you are lugging heavier loads, plus the rapid release clips allow you to immediately drop the pack when you want to climb or run in a rush.

There are lots of pockets outside and in for storing regularly used goods, and the large internal compartment is ideal for holding clothing changes.

You will enjoy the built-in hydration bladder. Able to hold about 2 liters water, it’ll maintain you hydrated while you are awaiting your prey.

Also, it has a useful orange rain fly, which not only tells your existence to other pro hunters; this also preserves your items dry.

While most packs with a weapon holder have a single place that could carry your rifle, this has many. You can tie the rifle scabbard included where you want this to go to maximum comfort.

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber - Best Hunting Backpack Under $100

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

This product has side mesh pouches, so you shall have all you need at hand. Also, it includes a hydration pocket and a lower storage pocket.

The large entry component that this has been designed with, together with the primary pocket, making it very simple for you to reach and take what you want most simply.

The volume of this model is 37 liters, as well as the padded shoulder straps and waist belt have been included in its style to make lugging it as convenient as possible.

If you often top off your pack with lots of stuff, you might see that it begins hanging heavy in your back. It does not necessarily occur with this system since you got the choice of using side compression straps for making everything as streamlined as possible.

Unlike a few of some other bags on these reviews, this model is designed a little larger, really to hunters of every size but not your normal-sized hunters.

Insights Hunting The Vision - Best Hunting Pack for Packing Bows

Insights Hunting The Vision Compound Bow Carrier Pack

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

As for weight distribution, it seems that there are no issues in this area, so you will not have to cope with poor user experience. It may have been only a tad light, though.

You can put your smaller arrows and bows in the primary compartment while yet having excellent storing capabilities. You will find several smaller compartments which let you separate things depending on your needs.

Its unique design helps you keep it covered around a tree while you are doing your work. You can easily count on the Molle solution for various holsters and add-ons.

If you are wondering if this product will endure the ages, we will put your head at ease with telling you it’s most likely to achieve just that. For this, it features reinforced stitching accurately in the most frequent stress spots of its layout.

The sturdiness of this bag is ranked as among the best on the field. The included waist strap provides for a high level of convenience, allowing for better weight distribution through the pack.

Hunting Packs Buyer’s Guide

Hunting Packs Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Backpack for Hunting?

When selecting the best hunting backpack on the market, there are plenty of things to consider. Listed below are a few factors to take into consideration before making your final call.


The first thing that you have to look at is the backpack’s purpose.

What do you require it for? How much time will your hunting go on? Do you want a pistol holster, rifle, or a pocket knife when hunting? Do you demand a meat rack at some stage? What does the climate be like? Those are all queries that you should ask yourself while searching for backpacks.

Materials & Design

Look for premium-quality materials on the lightest styles that will help your application. Often, the more compact you make anything, the less reliable it gets, so be careful of packing 80lbs+ in a lightweight hunting bag and pushing for it.

There are 3 main designs while looking for your hunt backpack:

First, traditional style is much like your book bag of middle school, lightweight and straightforward. It is excellent for day excursions and times in which you do not have to haul loads of gear.

Next, the panel-loading style is excellent for organization buffs, and people went for multi-day excursions. It is made to carry and access your gear quickly.

Last, top-loading style is the go-to option of giant equipment haulers and outside frame packs water-resistance and ruggedness. It’s cavernous and is made bombproof, rugged, or extremely lightweight.

Also, the design can be divided into external & internal frame styles:

External frames are handy if you are thinking of hauling meat or your big game. It provides further support and can allow consistent air circulation. It helps to preserve the kill fresh and keep you cool. They do demand some time getting used, although, so do have a dry run before using this kind of pack.

Internal frames help to spread the weight much evenly. In case you are carrying a bulky backpack, a frame is a game-changer. Just remember that models having an internal frame stay nearer to your body. It may not be perfect in a hot climate.

The other design function to consider is how much compartments the backpack has. We like a pack with many sections, but be sure to know how they are positioned. A pack having hooks and external straps can also be useful.


Since you don’t want your pack to degrade too quickly or crack open in your initial trip – you have to scrutinize the hunting backpacks and make sure that these are made of high-quality materials before making your decision. A durable model will not just be an excellent value for the money yet will also store your things regardless of how bulky these are, to a longer time.


The two most significant factors you ought to consider when selecting a backpack involve color preference, as well as whether you have to be noticeable or not. You may find camo sling packs for an elusive animal like the elk. Sound colors to such things as duck hunting backpacks also are available and could easily select them. Stay away from bold colors because your purpose is not to be stylish before the predator you’re hunting.


In every field, there is one brand that surpasses the others when it comes to quality. In case you are there for the top-quality, then product feedback and online hunting backpacks reviews will always lead you in the correct path. Previous customers are the ideal ones to tell you how the product works compared to another.

A few of the leading hunting backpack manufacturers include Badlands, Eberlestock, and ALPS OutdoorZ. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll not find out other high-quality items from other companies. Avoid the inexpensive and those having constant negative ratings because they would still fail you regardless of what.


As an unwritten rule, do not hunt for the least expensive packs you can get as those are going to dissatisfy you. As the saying goes, “cheaper is always costly” – in the long-term, without a doubt. You will find different quality and different price ranges that you’re free to pick from. Choose the bag in your budget and containing the most appropriate features for you.


Hunting backpack is roughly split into two groups: multi-day packs and daypacks. The category you want will rely upon how long you will be out. Your typical daypack can hold your gear like predator calls, gloves, and binocular. A multi-day pack is much larger and can transport more equipment.

Also, the backpacks can be divided into the following kinds:

Water Repellency

Among the crucial factors to look at is water repellency. The standard materials at least will be water-proof, and the greatest will be sealed and almost 100% waterproof. It is a critical security element during winter or in the backcountry where maintaining the outer layer or a sleeping bag dry could be the story of a winning trophy and rescue from the mountain.

A rain cover isn’t necessarily compulsory, but it sounds common sense. Although most backpacks at least will be waterproof, they still could get drenched on a downpour. Search for a water-resistant cover that protects the entire pack.

Weapon Holders

Also, it is a great idea to buy a pack that has a built-in strap or a boot to safeguard your firearm. It makes this much simpler for you while you are traveling. The backpack should allow fast access for the weapons, yet also offer enough protection, which does not get jostled very much.

Fit & Flexibility

Hunters come in every size and shape; so do backpacks. Plus size, men/women-specific, and mini bags are available. Similar to hunting boots, the pack’s fit to your physique is very crucial. If the backpack does not fit, all the things from premature frame wear to chafing can happen in the bag.

The best backpack for hunting will have a flexible waist belt and shoulder straps. Sternum straps that move down and up the backpack usually come by default. Ventilation and comfortable padding are required to be fresh all day and scent-free. Avoid old-type packs that make you sweating and do not contour your shape. Decide on a model that suits over a larger pack.

Size & Pockets

Size is essential for how many things you can keep. It is also crucial in terms of how the backpack chairs on your body. In case the backpack is too high, it could fatigue you more quickly. If it rests too low in the body, it can pull your hips.

You will want something with several convenient pockets for stashing various bits of tools. Some pockets there and here can make a huge difference. Little pockets in the waist belt are the unsung champs of a backpack because they substitute your trousers pockets while you are wearing your bag.

Added Features

Like with anything, you receive backpacks that have a few extra features. Before getting wowed by every single feature they provide, though, consider if they are useful or not. Even though such features can raise the price of the product, opt for a pack having features that are essential to your style of hunting.


Shop from a well-known vetted manufacturer. If you buy an imported, cheap pack cobbled together from a here-today-gone-tomorrow company with no to little reputation, do not expect excellent customer service care. When you settle on a bag, research the brand and only purchase an item with a complete warranty.

The best backpacks on the market have lifetime unconditional guarantees. These companies which back their products are around forever. Steer clear of the brands without warranty; if the guys who designed the pack will not support it, why should you put on it?

FAQs About Hunting Bags

Several common questions arrive with this subject; we have decided to mention a few of the most frequently asked questions and answer those to the maximum of our knowledge.

What Is the Ideal Size for a Hunting Pack?

Similar to standard packs, the best hunting packs are available in a range of sizes. But, which size backpack will you need?

That relies upon a large part of what type of hunting journey you have planned. For hunting expeditions that will go on for around 2-3 days maximum, anything with a volume of about 2400 cubic inches is enough. You will require more than this if you plan to embark on a one-week hunting trip.

Why Do I Require a Hunting Backpack?

The response is straightforward; you can hold more in a backpack than you could in your hands, and by wearing the pack on your backside, your arms are free of doing anything else.

You might even think to pass on getting a brand-new hunting bag assuming that any cheap bag with lots of room will serve you good outdoors. Regular bags are not designed to endure harsh conditions and rugged terrain the way as hunting backpacks.

Hunting backpacks usually are made from more sturdy materials that could handle prolonged coverage for the elements and trees as well as rocks that might come in your path. The packs you use regularly are often not made out of those materials since they do not need to be.

How Is the Fit of My Backpack Adjusted?

You will need to adjust some straps to have the hunting pack to fit best on your shape. Begin with hip straps and check that it suits just over your hips. Having hip strap in position, you now can pull in the shoulder strap. Draw its shoulder straps firm, but not far too so.

Check out any stabilizer strap is found in the hunting pack and concentrate on it next. Use it to take the backpack nearer to you. Your next task is to focus on the chest straps. That final strap will let you secure your changes and fasten the backpack in place.

My Backpack Is Hurting My Shoulders - Any Solution?

You should begin by ensuring that the shoulder strap is adjusted correctly and by making sure that you haven’t inserted too much equipment in the bag. More tools will mean extra weight, and this will, in return, apply more pressure at your shoulders.

Should I Get a Hunting Backpack with an Internal or External Frame?

Throughout searching for a brand-new hunting backpack, you’ll inevitably need to select between buying one with an internal frame or perhaps one having an external frame.

Hunting backpacks having internal frames can suit you higher if you are heading someplace with rough surfaces that need accurate movements. In case you are hunting someplace with a more surface, though, you might find it better to get an external frame pack.

What Things Should Be Present in a Hunting Backpack?

The first thing that should be part of your hunting bag is the first-aid kit. Carrying blaze orange gear along with you also is a must for ensuring that you stay visible. Other things that will aid you include hunting rain gear, a swap of warm clothing, portable food which will not expire, flashlight, and a water bottle.

Also, it is good to take some spare socks together. You cannot ignore your field dressing set and your weapons. A separate pack that can carry your hunt’s spoils also is something you ought to bring along. Finally, take a sleeping bag together with you.

Is There a Special Technique to Clean a Hunting Backpack?

Cleaning your hunting bag often is essential, but do not go about this in the exact way you could washing a regular backpack.

You could get things going by removing everything which can be detached. With all separated, you can now start washing by first with a damp towel on the bag and its parts. In case there are marks found, you might be enticed to use detergent or bleach to take them out. Prevent doing so.

Cleaners having strong smells may alert predators of your presence outside and should be avoided. In case, there is a mark you need to clear, use detergent for the hunting of some type. Continue by dipping the pack and its parts in water, then brushing them neatly. Rinse all of the things next and then let them dry before putting together the backpack.

Wrapping Up

Rifle Hunting Hunter Backpack

What you choose ultimately is your decision. However, selecting one of the items on this review is a smart move to ensuring you will never need to stress about making an excellent buy.

Thanks for checking out the ten best hunting backpacks. We wish this guide has supported you in finding the top pick for a pack to bring with you. Should you got any doubts or questions, tell us in the comments section below.

Get outside and experience the hunt!

BEST HUNTING DAY PACK: Badlands Superday
BEST UNDER $100: ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber
BEST FOR PACKING OUT BOWS: Insights Hunting The Vision

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