Best Hunting Gloves 2019

best hunting glovesWe think you will agree with us when we say:

When you get a regular set of gloves, there is not a lot to consider. You can virtually stop by any shop and grab anything that looks good. It is the opposite when buying the best hunting gloves.

In the wilderness world, the worst matter that can occur is to allow your hands become too cold thus missing out on the shot.

It is the reason why this is essential to take along a glove to make sure your hands remain warm. The additional protection these gloves give will mean you can travel longer and fire with more precision.

In this piece of content, we will explain how to choose your hunting gloves and some top-rated products in today’s market.

Let us get started

Best Hunting Glove Comparison Chart

ModelMaterialColorsSizesOur RatingCheck on Amazon
Glacier Glove
Alaska Pro
Leather Palm
Realtree AP HDS, M, L, XL, 2XL4


Under Armour
ColdGear Infrared
Scent Control 2.0 Primer
100% Other FibersRealtree, Black,
Ridge Reaper,
Mossy Oak
S, S/M, M, L, XL4.5


Primos Stretch-Fit GlovesPolyesterMossy Oak
New Break-Up
One Size Fits All5


Trinity Glove
94% Polyester
6% Spandex
French Terry Fabric
Real Tree XtraM/L, XL/2XL4


Legendary Whitetails
Spider Web II
Pro-Text Glove
PolyesterBig Game Field
Camo, Realtree Xtra
M, L3.5


Mossy Oak Decoy
Hunting Gloves
PVCBrown, Mossy OakOne Size Fits All5


Hot Shot Predator
Pop-Top Mitten
PolyesterRealtree XtraM, L4.5


Manzella Productions
Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove
FleeceAPXL, XL3.5


Top Glove Reviews on Today’s Market

Realistically, who got the patience to read all the customer reviews, not to mention test most of the gloves for sale? Fortunately for you, Hunter Within Me team already did, and our best picks are below.

Glacier Glove Alaska Pro – Best for Waterproof Capabilities

Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove
The Alaska Pro from Glacier Glove should help maintain your fingers warm, and moreover, dry in hunting season.

They feature a Realtree HD camo design which will mix with most frequent camo designs used in early winter and late fall.

These gloves get covered with 60g of Thinsulate so are slim enough to provide a decent level of versatility in your hands.

Also, they are highly waterproof, with plenty of people using these for hunting waterfowl simply for this purpose.

The liner is stitched into the glove’s tip, meaning you will not struggle to pull them off and put them.

Another great function is the extended cuff and the leather palms for a firm grip.

We have read some issues on the level of warmth, but it rarely gets chilly enough where our team tried them to spot any problems.


  • Breathable for cold and wet climates.
  • Leather palm boosts durability factor.
  • It is machine washable.
  • Waterproof hands.
  • Not very thick.


  • Wrist region is not water-resistant.
  • It does not function with touchscreens.

If you are searching for a good hunting glove in a reasonable price, the Alaska Pro Camo glove from Glacier Glove satisfies all the criterias.

Under Armour Cold Gear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer – Best for Extreme Cold Weather

Under Armour Men's ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Glove
Under Armour (UA) is a company with a track record for making high-quality products. These excellent hunting gloves by them genuinely got it all.

Available in 5 different Realtree, Ridge Reaper and Mossy Oak camouflage patterns, these pair of gloves cannot get beaten.

The glove’s palm capped in a silicone printed design for a non-slip grip that guarantees you always keep control of your firearm.

6oz of the water-repellent PrimaLoft insulation covers the gloves, providing breathable warmth, lightweightness during your day.

Under Armour uses their ColdGear liner to use your body temperature to help hold you warm.

To ensure your scent does not give you off, the gloves include Under Armour’s ScentControl 2.0 tech to help contain and conceal your smell.

Remember, it is a little thick if you are planning to use a very sensitive trigger.


  • Offered in many camo patterns
  • Breathable and lightweight, yet quite warmish
  • Excellent for winter hunting
  • The finger is even touch-screen compatible
  • Built pretty sturdy and have a comfortable fit


  • Not fully waterproofed only water-resistant
  • The wristband may be somewhat tight

If you are going to do hunting in cold climate (but not freezing) conditions; then you will probably appreciate the snug fitting of the glove.

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves – Best for Warm Weather Hunting

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves with Sure-Grip and Extended Cuff, Mossy Oak New Break-UpHere is a super pair of budget hunting gloves by Primos that should add some concealment and warmth to your palm in the ground.

The print is the “Mossy Oak New Break Up” pattern and would match the majority of the common break-up patterns you will find quite well.

These gloves provide good ability to load your arrows and firearms and also give a good sense for trigger launch.

It is stretchable so should you find you want gloves for bigger hands, the extended cuffs, and finger lengths will indeed fit.

The stretch fit gloves from Primos offer the Sure-Grip, a black slip-free gripping area on the underside of fingers and palms.

They are said to be having a snug fit, and as they are light, you can use your phone or handheld GPS unit. They also feature a nifty tiny pocket in the back of the palm which is perfect for a portable turkey or coyote call.


  • Excellent grip
  • Very reasonable prices
  • Perfect for summer hunting
  • You can use them as a cover for another glove
  • The stretchy material is breathable and suits most people


  • Not as durable as pricier offerings
  • One size matches all is small for any XL hands

When you are heading out to your very first occasion, or want a set of gloves for using before the cold weather kicks into top gear, then it is for you.

ScentBlocker Trinity Glove – Best for Scent Blocking

Scent Blocker Trinity Glove with Text Touch
This glove is one of the finest currently available on the marketplace if you are looking for touch-screen hunting gloves.

It is mostly polyester, with sufficient spandex for all to a 4-direction stretching; offering a few of the outstanding movement freedom we have experienced.

They deliver mild insulation which also is moisture-wicking to assure your hands remain dry. Also, they feature a honeycomb silicon grip for better handling of gear in all weather situations.

Scent Blocker employs their Trinity Scent Regulation, together with S3 anti-microbial silver lining to present a glove that is sure to prevent any smell on your palm at bay.

The smart finger technology of the glove works well, thus when you are working with a GPS system or even use a Kindle gadget to read as you wait in your hunting quest.

There are some differing opinions about these gloves quality, mostly since the seams break after the initial few uses.


  • Good grip
  • Great form fit
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Scent blocker is efficient even after some machine washes
  • Touchscreen friendly on both the forefinger and the thumb


  • Not waterproof
  • The logo may come away quickly

These gloves are ideal for hiding your odor from animals and from getting a little gross to put on around other individuals.

Legendary Whitetails Pro-Text Spider Web II Glove – Best for Using a Touchscreen

Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II Pro-Text Glove Medium
Legendary Whitetails brand has shown up with gloves which are specially created for usage with a touch display if you are sporting.

The Spider Pro-Text Web II originates its title from the silicone chartreuse layout on the fingers, and the sensitive fingertips made to permit texting or tablet/smartphone activities.

They are designed and camouflaged to be quiet, so they are perfect hand protection for stalking and awaiting game.

They may not last for that long, yet with the appropriate care, this product will perform well for some seasons.

It has 40 grams of 3-layer interlock Thinsulate padding. Not dead of sub-zero toasty, winter, but covered enough to preserve your fingers warm.

Silicon palm improves the grip this glove offer you and neoprene cuffs add a bit protection and durability from snags in the territory.

This glove is available in both women’s and men’s sizes and is reviewed highly by all types of hunters.


  • Good grip
  • Anti-microbial lining help eliminate scents
  • Serve you all right in the wetland or woods
  • Excellent touchscreen compatibility
  • Have some fantastic functions for the money


  • Not waterproof
  • Fingertips could get slightly cold because of touchscreen tips

Overall, these gloves are one of the most responsive for usage with a touch screen display and by responsive, we mean they work great.

Mossy Oak Decoy Hunting Gloves – Best for Duck Hunting

Mossy Oak Extreme Cold Weather PVC Coated with Thinsulate Lined Decoy Hunting Gloves, 330, Size One Size Fits MostThe Mossy Oak Decoy hunting glove is another excellent case of a product that initially was concentrating on one sub-market but after that improved the features to be even more effective.

It is effortless to use since it is a low-profile and fits nicely apart from featuring a Mossy Oak camouflage, therefore the title of the gloves.

The glove appears durable enough. Regarding comfort, the fabric is light enough to prevent stiffness and allow flexibility in your fingers.

Lined with a fine Thinsulate layer these gloves does the bulk of the work on really chilly days where outdoor activities include potentially finding your hands damp.

It offers some of the best windproofing we have come across, thanks to these hunting gloves long length.

These gloves come with a prolonged gauntlet sleeve to make sure water and snow do not pierce the interior.

The grip contains a nice feel to enable you to pick up your gear on virtually any condition.


  • Good grip
  • The best option for grabbing decoys
  • Waterproof with an extended gauntlet
  • Perfect for wet or snowy environments
  • Thinsulate insulation to get additional warmth


  • Limited dexterity
  • For a constant lack of care and washing, it may leak and wear out

Overall, the cost of this glove is very inexpensive and suitable for people who are looking for a warm, fuss-free, simple, waterproof hunting glove.

Hot Shot Predator Pop-Top Mitten – Best for Hybrid Design

Hot Shot Mens Predator Pop-Top Mitten
If you are a lover of pop-top style mittens, you have got to take a look at these by Hot Shot.

Unlike other pop-top models that make your hands exposed, it is much of a combination between a tactical shooting glove and mitten.

This glove lined along with 80g of Thinsulate. It is enough to maintain your hands hot in all, however, the most intense conditions.

These provide the added advantage of being capable of cooling your palm off a little when they become too warm with no need to take off the gloves.

Your hands below the mitten will stay toasty in the warming liner while still holding onto the movement and freedom you require to draw the trigger.

Some customers said the gloves must not be used under 20 degrees Fahrenheit weather.


  • Hybrid design
  • Quiet magnetic closures
  • Zippered heated pack pocket
  • Thinsulate insulation will keep you warm
  • It is perfect for winter bowhunting and archery


  • Not a thick material
  • It could be somewhat awkward in the cold

These are listed here for low cost and excellent warmth stats – if you are on a limited budget but want something warm, these could be the solution.

Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove – Best for Bow Hunting

Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove
The TouchTip Bow Ranger gloves will not be ideal for every condition, but it is very well made and designed for their specific purpose.

It should mainly keep your palm plenty warmth on those early season hunts provided that the temperature is not below freezing.

The glove is versatile enough to notch your arrow and pull your bow quickly; meanwhile, the “Control Trax” palm provides a good grip.

One unique capability about this glove is they have a unique collar that enables you to wear your arms release facing your skin.

A few of the users complain this feature lets too much cold air to enter.

You can also take photos on your cell phone without removing your gloves away because they are compatible with a touchscreen.


  • Bow release style collar
  • Stretch 4 directions and provide a perfect fit
  • The touch screen pad is easy to operate
  • The company may return the product if it is faulty
  • Great for anybody who uses releases in the early season


  • Not intended for the cold climate
  • Stretchy fleece is not that thick

As far as bow hunting at cold weather concerned, these hunting gloves from Manzella are ideal.

What Features Should I Look for in Hunting Gloves?

Below, we will explain features to consider in gloves also with a target of assisting you to make the right selection for your all-round needs. The significance of each one is to the specific customer and their particular needs.


Color/camo pattern is the first aspect many hunters look for while selecting gloves. As all hunting items, a good set of gloves should undoubtedly camouflage.

However, this should not expand to the glove’s palm. You will need leather or any other fabric to let you get a firm grip in your shotgun or rifle.


Flexibility is the next critical factor which often gets ignored. For instance, you will not be expecting to thread needles with insulated waterfowl gloves. They are built to grab larger items including decoys. Searching for gloves which are convertible is an excellent way to make sure you preserve your fine motor skills intact.

There are many factors in what a customer needs, and probably, there will be not a single glove to suit all situations. It is smart to get ready for every hunting occasion to facilitate the most successful, safe, and comfortable hunt possible.


You should also ensure the gloves include at least a bit of insulation. The insulation amount needed depends upon how cold would it be whereby you are doing hunting? How much time are you exposed to such cold? How quickly does your palm get cold?

You can break free with minimum insulation should your hands often remain pretty warm, or you are hunting in calmer temperatures. In case, you frequently hunt in below zero temperatures or extreme conditions, definitely stick with a high-level of insulation.

Probably the most popular insulator is Thinsulate material. You will probably see this mentioned in grams. The larger the grams, the higher insulation provided, and hence the drier you will.


It is not only the standard sizes that you must look into as the length as well plays a part. The perfect length for the gloves to show up the forearm depends again on your specific hunting needs.

In case, you are waterfowl hunting in cold climates, have a glove which comes up nearly to your elbow region. However, if you are stalking in a warm condition, you probably will not require a glove which comes up beyond the boundary, as allowing plenty of air to circulate across your skin will help chill you.


Based on where are you going plus the climate you are planning on being, the material your glove made of could break or make your trip. As a result, we have discussed a few choices for you below.


  • In contrast to wool, it is unlikely to cause you itching.
  • The lightweight fabric is both breathable and soft.
  • It is not water-resistant.


  • Among the most sought-after glove material type.
  • Comfortable, less costly, and breathable.
  • Not only water-resistant but is also extremely durable.
  • Sometimes a little hard and uncomfortable to work with small tricky tasks.


  • They are flexible and lock warmth to make you warm.
  • Cozy fit for the hands and long lifespan.


  • The capability to dye this material means you can make it in whatever color and pattern.
  • While waterproof it may get quite smelly if not taken care of properly when wet.


It is also crucial to get a suitable-sized glove depending on gender and age. A women’s cold weather hunting glove or a kid/youth glove might not always be the exact as the men’s hunting gloves. Nonetheless, most of the leading companies produce the base model in all possible sizes.


Reputation and price are also minor considerations. You will find a ton of cheap gloves on the market, most of which got reputations for breaking quite quickly. Fortunately, even the best gloves generally will not cost more.


Sizing is a definite factor to take into consideration. In case, the glove is too smallish; your fingers will be cramped or either not fit. On the flip side, if they are too big, your hands will not stay as warming and can be uncomfortable to use.

Most gloves contain measuring tables so you can double check you are not buying oversized. In case, you are going with an online e-commerce store to order your glove, in that case, the process of measuring is pretty straightforward.

Scent Control

There are lots of weight put on scent control gloves in recent times. Knowing your overall situation, prey, and range will enable you to decide better on how much attention to give for scent elimination.

In case, you are hunting bear, elk or deer (buck), hiding your smell is very important. Nevertheless, should you be hunting turkeys, pheasant, waterfowl or doves, scent control is not a problem for birds.


Another aspect to think about is the glove type you prefer. There are full gloves, fingerless gloves, mittens, and riding gloves. All these types have their occasional drawbacks and own benefits.

Each glove type is a bit different, and consumers prefer the diverse styles based on climate, the trek that they have to do when heading to their go-to hunting sites, and how delicate the skin on their palm.


With the rise of tablets and smartphones, having gloves that enable you to use a touchscreen when putting it on is something many hunters find helpful. Remember we have an advantage with these gloves types as they are often lower insulative quality around the fingertips in which the touchscreen cloth located.


Proper air flow of your glove can do a lot more than make you cozy. In cold circumstances, having your sweating wicked away out of your skin will make you warmer. In warmest situations, it is expectational as it could help reduce your body heat through evaporative cooling.


Last but not least one of the many important aspects is the glove’s waterproofness. You do not want your fingers getting cold and wet. Even when your glove is waterproof, it is always an excellent idea to load up a second brand-new set in your backpack to be on the safer side.

Often watertight gloves are warmer, even with no insulation. So, you might end up having very sweating fingers when wearing waterproof gloves in more heated condition. Some users opt intentionally for non-waterproof models that are fast drying and thin, and that could wick the dampness from hands.

Let’s Wrap Up the Things

All in all, this list possesses something for everybody, regardless of what glove type you prefer. Most of these choices have sizes offered for women; thus there are some sweet options here to the ladies too.

And do not forget you can match and mix more inexpensive covers or liners with a few of these weather-specific gloves to make your all-purpose custom solution.

We hope this buyer’s guide should ideally have provided you with all the details you need to take the right decision for your following hunting season and you.

Have we forgotten your favorite gloves? Or are there more tips and tricks on how to pick the best hunting glove, tell us in the comment section below!


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