9th International Conference on Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases 2019
Dates: November 18-19, 2019
City & State: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Theme: Preventive Care in Infectious Diseases

After the successful completion of ME Conference’s Infectious Conference 2018, ME Conference is organizing its next series Bacteriology-2019.

We cordially welcome you to attend 9th International Conference on Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases slated on November 18-19, 2019, 2019 at Abu Dhabi. We welcome all scientists, researchers, young researchers, students, industrialists to visit and explore their knowledge in the field of bacteriology and infectious diseases. The Bacteriology Conferences will give a worldwide stage to exchange knowledge on present and future difficulties and challenges in the field of microbiology.

Global Health Practitioners, Researchers, Scientist will present cutting-edge and various advance microbial techniques based upon widely accepted evidence and will introduce new and emerging research.

This two days event focuses on discussion related to the future of the microbial techniques, microbial genetics, naturopathy of infectious diseases, antibiotics, vaccines, prevention of infection in terms of collaboration, structures, and organizational development.

The major point of the gathering is to share information and to illuminate about global advancements, future issues in the field of Bacteriology from Emeritus Professors, Eminent Scientists, Directors, Senior Professors/Assistant Professors/Associate Professor, Experts in the field of Microbiology, Bacteriology, Infectious Diseases, Research Scholars, Industrial Delegates and Student Communities in the significant fields.

Why to attend?

Bacteriology-2019 is an international platform for presenting research about diagnosis, prevention and management and exchanging ideas about it and thus, contributes to the dissemination of knowledge in Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases for the advantage of both the academic and business.

The organizing committee of this Bacteriology meeting is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations for participants from all over the globe. We welcome you to join us at 9th International Conference on Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases 2019, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from all around the world. All members of the Bacteriology- 2019, organizing committee look forward to meeting you in Abu Dhabi, UAE.