Earning Disclosure

Hunter Within Me has affiliate relationships which means sometimes I earn a small referral commission from any sales I make from affiliate links.

The primary company we designed to use for the commission is Amazon and I will update this page if I use any other companies too.

The reason for choosing Amazon is that it’s sheer mass size, products, sales and process efficiency, customer relationship management and biggest e-commerce leader worldwide.

Disclosure Information

These affiliate commissions do not cause inflation or an increase in the price of the product and will remain same base market price.

It’s also important to know my review and analysis of products will not be bias because of affiliate commissions because integrity matters in my site.

The Reason

Since maintaining this blog is a hobby, I need an income source to keep it running with technical costs such as a domain name, web development and web hosting.

Another important reason is to provide me with funding If I want to purchase product I will review and analyze by using the products or testing out.

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