What Are The Best Coyote Call 2019?

Hunting the wildest predators is among the most challenging types of game hunting. You will face a tough time calling coyotes in fields that get overhunted. That is since coyotes are intelligent animals, and they have figured out they are getting hunted by hunters. It means you, the human, have to be exact. However, adding the best coyote call to your gear is an excellent way to lure nearby predators.

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Primos Alpha Dogg – Best Electronic Coyote Call

Primos 3756 Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call PictureFor many years, the Primos company is trusted to provide the best efficiency game calls, and they have never let down. It is what you get if you choose this product.

Manufactured from durable materials and it can withstand many damages which might happen, even in intense situations. Primos tests its items, so you get valuable confidence.

You will find 64 sounds contained, but you may remove or add them like you want because the 2-gigabyte internal memory enables you to save about 1000 audios. Also, you have the auxiliary jack in case you ought to use motion decoy.

Among its best features, the rotational speaker is which we and perhaps you will love most. That is because you can play the sounds like coming from every direction, making it very realistic and dynamic. If that does not do the job, you can configure it to transmit the sounds in only a single direction.

The remote controller will allow you to make use of this e-caller 200 yards from your vantage point. You will witness a quality screen with a simple to handle interface and full colors.

This model comes set up for hunting coyote with its primary choice of 75 different calls. You shall change the sequence of sound as the situation shifts with an approaching coyote to draw it in further for the perfect shot.

Also, the Alpha Dogg has provisions to play your custom MP3 calls from outside sources through a USB cable.

The Primos Alpha Dogg’s Electronic Predator Call is the coyote language’s virtual Rosetta stone so you almost can speak with them while you bring them out using a few of the most effective calls made.


  • Smart stand/carry/fold design that facilitates portability
  • Distortion-free 25-watt speakers which are loud
  • It offers 2GB storage for about 1000 extra sounds


  • Expensive

ICOtec GC300 – Best Predator Call for the Money

Icotec GC300 - Call of the Wild Electronic Game CallSo with the ICOtec’s GC300, you own a unit which fits the novice or the professional hunter who would like to extend their budget.


  • Well-timed silence intervals and sound
  • 300 yards remote control
  • Around 12 sounds accepted from Wildlife Technologies


  • One should get the batteries

FOXPRO Shockwave – Best Professional Call in this List

FOXPRO Shockwave American Made Electronic Predator CallThis FoxPro Shockwave predator call is what our team call the technological innovation peak. If you prefer the caller that has the high-quality sounds, most features and produces calls consistently, in that case, it is the proper game call to buy.

You can store 1000 calls, 100 of that already bundled with your playlist, in formats like FXP, WAV, or MP3. As a result, it is suitable for pro and active hunters who regularly goes hunting.

It comes with a 4-speaker unit so the volume of sound can get projected over a longer distance of close to 200-yard. We were impressed the first time of using this device with the quality and sound.

The handheld control is probably the best capabilities you will notice in this digital gadget. Its LCD is easy to use since it features full-color graphics.

Another excellent addition is FOXFUSION. It will mix and play two sounds at the same time when you do a call, to get a realistic feeling and more probability of success. Furthermore, its power to record your past hunts so that you can predict the trend of your next quest.

The external speaker’s jack will let you connect another speaker of yours for further volume level, and the USB plug-in will allow you to pre-program the calls.

This product’s battery is long-lasting plus can last during a long big-game hunting session. Nevertheless, you are recommended to bring an extra with you suppose it dies quickly.

It is worth the investment if you ought to turn your coyote hunting successful plus increase your performance exponentially.


  • Its pitch is simple to use
  • Realistic sounds and calls
  • The motion calls moving past the speaker functions flawlessly


  • Rubber latches around the speakers and the unit weight

FOXPRO Inferno – Best FoxPro Call for Coyotes

FOXPRO Inferno American Made Electronic Predator Call
When considering electronic devices, most hunters regard it as the best predator call for your money.

This electronic game call is cheaper than many other upper-range products you might have noticed. However, is well-known for its crisp, loud sound that spreads throughout the hunting lands and you may even add 200 sounds maximum.

At 8 ounces of net weight, this e-caller is also easy to transport with you and lightweight. Also, Inferno shows up included with 75 distinct animal sounds meaning you never want to bother about cycling via a mix of calls to lure close by coyotes.

Its horn speaker system is efficient and loud and will express the vocalizations flawlessly. You even got two preset call options, and one can change their volume level depending on your wishes.

Also, The Inferno comes with LED remote which is simple to operate. It lets you place the call within an area for sound as you hide silently in a site with excellent visibility.

You can program this tool through the USP port that shows a technically advanced build. This feature also is excelled in beautiful craftsmanship because the ABS casing is both immune to damage, sturdy, and lightweight.

The speaker jack is accompanied with an auxiliary port to use as a decoy if you wish to take out the coyotes unexpectedly.

If you are searching for a mid-level coyote call along with a top-quality feel, it is the ideal electronic gadget for you.


  • Enough room to add about 200 sounds
  • It has an extensive collection of 75 calls
  • Lightweight construction so you can bring this unit anyplace


  • Registering the guarantee is a hassle

Primos Turbo Dogg – Best Call for Coyote Hunting

Primos 3755 Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call
With the Primos Turbo Dogg Call, you have power and portability that can proceed anywhere your hunting takes you, plus the unit will fit in a knapsack.

It is impressive how the brand could design the unit to mix effortlessly into the ecosystem thanks to its camouflage coating you secure. You can put it anywhere on the hunting site; the predators will not notice it.

This entry by Primo’s company is a single-speaker caller that provides you with up to 36 pre-programmed sounds. Also, it can hold an extra 500 best calls from Primos’ extensive selection of game and predator calls, which you could download from the website.

The sound created by this model is clear and loud with a high volume. You always should ensure the remote synchronize with the speakers every time you switch it on to get a better sound unit.

It also boasts an easy-to-use remote along with a control distance extending up to 150 yards. You will not require a line-of-sight to get your remote working. Also, it has a programmable Decoy/HOT button that allows you to change calls as the circumstance during your expedition changes.

It comes with four expert hunting sequences that work between 10-20 minutes each one in length. It is like the professional Primos team callers such as Randy Andersen is at your disposal helping you.

Being high in volume product makes it perfect for conveying the sound even more. It means you can reach several animals from one device.

In case, you are a committed varmint hunter trying to raise your game skills then this e-caller is one for you.


  • Its remote control is perfect for one-handed use
  • The screen shows the sounds list grouped by species
  • The circling speakers permit maximizing the call projection


  • Range reduced if the device placed in the ground

Primos Dogg Catcher – Best Budget Game Call

Primos Dog Catcher Electronic Predator CallPrimos has brought us high-quality products, and their Dogg Catcher model is no exemption. With that said, you are receiving what you spend on, and while it is not top-of-the-line call, it performs its job quite decently.

It is considerably heavier compared to the other choices on this review. That is since it built with the purpose of being capable of withstanding all that our mother earth toss at it.

It is a user-friendly gadget. You need not worry a lot about your technical skills or the likelihood of this getting trapped on the ground because it is button-operated. Thus, this product is suitable for beginners, and more experienced hunters.

This tool is lightweight thus portable to get transported around since it will not be a lot of a hassle to take and would not use up lots of room in your bag.

It is a low-cost electronic call which boasts 12 unique calls from coyotes, foxes, and bobcats.

Its high-powered speaker generates a high sound level which will prove helpful during your hunt trips. And, what we like most is the ability to run two sounds simultaneously giving it more realistic feeling and improving your probability of taking a shot.

The control distance of this system is quite decent, 150 yards. It will offer you enough freedom to wander around your hunt area to find the best position or to check out when there is something nearby.

If you are a beginner who is interested in understanding how to track down a coyote, it is the right call to get.


  • Powerful speaker delivers loud sounds
  • You can command the device from 150-yard away
  • 12 pre-programmed calls by coyote caller Randy Anderson


  • Does not let you program your sounds from foreign sources

ICOtec GC500 – Best Programmable Remote Call

ICOtec GC500 - 200 Call Programmable Remote Electronic Game CallThis model provides you every reason to hunt by calling your game on your trap.

It includes a 200 calls programmable memory and offers you 24 calls created by Wildlife Technologies. It is all that you need to draw out predators like a fox, bear, wolf, bobcat, and coyote to your blind. Also, it is handy to attract other animals for example snow geese, raccoons, crow, and whitetail deer.

You can manage the GC500 from 300 yards aside. It helps you remain concealed then have the animals go past the stand to provide you with the best shots and reduce the odds of scaring these away.

You can merge multiple calls of imaginative prey like moose, snow geese, and other predators. So, a coyote and other animals will get deceived into being confident that they are in for a feast. This cross-call is hard to detect like a mimic.

The ICOTEC’s GC500 is an excellent tool if you are searching for some different sounds and anything different from the typical FOXPRO.


  • This product range works nice
  • The sound standard is crystal-clear and sharp
  • The remote control is quick to handle and use


  • It does not support every Mac version, only supports specific editions. So, using a computer is suggested

FOXPRO Deadbone – Best E-caller Under 150

FOXPRO Deadbone American Made Electronic Predator CallIt is an entry-level product. And its reasonable price tag makes it an excellent bargain for you provided it includes just top-notch quality vocalizations.

You can notice that this product’s quality is clear from its build. The housing made of ABS that is a sturdy material having a low weight. It increases its mobility, making it practical.

You will find 15 challenge and distress calls you could choose and play, plus you also got the freedom to render two of these at once.

It uses one particular speaker to bring in coyotes towards you, and even though it is quite little, the speaker carries no problem producing clear, loud sound.

Like almost every other electronic coyote calls, this piece of equipment has a remote, so you shall operate it from a distance.

The battery-level indicator is yet another useful function since it displays you if the device is on and when the battery is nearly over.

If you are new to big-game hunting and want a reliable method to entice coyotes, this is the perfect model for you


  • Great beginner unit
  • Has 15 different calls pre-loaded


  • You cannot change the sounds

Primos Third Degree – Best Coyote Mouth Call

Primos 372 The Third Degree Xtra Loud Cottontail Predator Call by Randy AndersonThe Primos Third Degree is probably the most affordable, and among the most reliable calls you could use anytime you are on a hunt. It is the ideal substitute for an electric caller.

It is a primary call that does not take plenty of training to get used. You will note that you can use it efficiently from the initial few attempts. Considering the cost, you cannot go wrong while buying this manual call, when it is even to try out your calling skills.

Primos designed this Cottontail to be compact, and so, you can slip it inside your pocket. You do not have to care about it staying too heavy while on the lanyard.

The volume relies on how much you blow your tool. The more you blow it, louder it gets. You can pause blowing as soon as the predator enters close territory where you require it for the perfect shot.

In case, you are searching for a noisy animal call that can lure coyotes, bobcats, and other predators from a long distance; then this manual call is worthy of considering.


  • Compact and small design
  • For a mouth coyote call, this is incredibly noisy
  • Loop connected to the caller helps you hook it into a lanyard


  • Not as productive as electronic game calls

HunterWithinMe’s Note: You can observe we are somewhat biased towards e-callers. It is because our team think these items provide more advantages if even some traditional coyote hunters refer to them as cheating. In fact, our team like anything that is reliable, durable, and efficient.

A Brief History of Animal Calls

When the game calls first arrived in the marketplace, they functioned by getting the user type in specific codes that correlate with the call type that these were aiming to make.

It was practical in the perception that it brought about lots of personalization, but also it turned out to be slightly tricky to use because it needed the person to either remember the different call codes or carry around a list (you could imagine how it is undesirable.).

Nowadays, few coyotes calls use this kind of tech, and most have pre-programmed sounds which can get produced by just pressing one to two buttons.

How to Choose a Predator Call?

Fortunately, you will find many coyote callers in the marketplace, so locating the proper one to you should not be difficult. Listed below are some factors to consider while looking around for the coyote callers:

Personal Preference

It is one of many most important factors to look at when shopping for not only the electronic model, yet any other kind of call.

First, you have to determine how significant skill and performance are to you. Will you learn the predator calling skill, or will you require a functional one that could perform anything you need?

The topmost coyote caller does not depend on the name of the brand, or whether it is electric or manual. It will depend on the way you use it.

Size & Weight

Many things come into play while you give thought to choose the best electric call, size is one of these. Ultimately, it relies on what you are happy to take and finally your needs. However, the general best practice is the tinier, the better thus you are not weighed down needlessly.

The size also will affect the coyote calls weight. You only need to pick the best call having the proper balance in between the weight and size. With the correct model, you might never mind bringing one to the field every time you head out hunting.

Types of Devices

You will find coyote calls of two types available for sale: manual and electronic calls. They each do the exact job, yet it is frequently you find out one being favored over the another by the people. We will look into what makes these both exceptional and their flaws too.

Electronic calls

Electronic coyote calls have already been out there for many decades. When they initially arrived, the recorded calls were not realistic or successful in drawing animals. Just like any technology, gadgets improve with time, and electronic calls are no different.

Perhaps an e-caller is suitable for you:

If you are someone who could not bother about the coyote hunting’s sporting aspect; and need to eliminate nearby howlers who have been harassing the animals.


For hunters who do not care about consumption and would like a dependable call each time.


  • One thing the electronic call makes it superb is the capability to create the perfect call you need whenever. You can select from many calls like howls, yelps, and even distress calls
  • Electronic calls sound more real and are suited better for windy climates
  • You can queue up several sounds, ensuring that your call makes your preferred pattern of noises
  • Many even feature remote capabilities to put the heat on the even most cautious beasts


  • The electronic call has to get set up first. It means the odds of coyotes recognizing you get increased
  • They may make a small sound if the quality is not top grade
  • There is no thing more annoying than having your electronic call die due to failure of battery or electronics fault. Always keep an alternative mouth caller inside your hunting backpack with you in your hunt

Manual calls

The mouth callers are often crafted from plastic and will have reed to produce the call. There is, without doubt, you would call for more training with such kind of item. You cannot just buy it through the online now and get ready to step out and hunt.

Perhaps a mouth call is suitable for you:

If you are someone who does not like to get saddled down due to bulky, big equipment while you push through your hunt site.


For those traditionalist hunters who demand to do hunting the method, their parents did before them.


  • If you are planning to bring more finesse and control for your hunting, consider getting a mouth call, or manual call instead
  • The mouth-blown caller is comfortable to hold, lightweight, and small. Most can also fit inside your pocket
  • The accomplishment sense that you get from tagging coyotes with your manual call is unmatched
  • Mouth caller is a fraction of the electronic calls price. It is the main reason you see more people getting started with the manual calls to grasp the skills before transitioning to the electric one


  • A conventional hand call demands an exceptional level of talent to use. It is especially right if you are someone who is unfamiliar with manual callers
  • If you are hunting with mouth callers and you ought to use different animal calls to drag out coyotes, carry various calls types on your side all the time
  • With that in mind, there are no means to let you know what the leading game call honestly. Electronic and mouth calls have ample pros and cons as mentioned above, and it relies on your hunting style

HunterWithinMe’s Note: Do not just order the first coyote call that you find with a good review, perform research then shop. You might need to get more than a single before you see the caller that is best suited for you.

What Types of Coyote Calls in The Market?

Once you study how to use your callers effectively, you will realize that hunting coyote is an exciting game to embark.

Prey in Distress

It is one call used by many electronic devices since coyotes are wild animals that love to eat much. Consider including the cries of foxes, cats, rabbits, baby coons, birds, squirrels, fawns, and even piglets to attract them out.

The problem with using this kind of prey sounds is the truth that you are not the sole hunter doing this. That means they are more cautious and take lesser risks when listening to these vocalizations.


Most animals like their pups and they hold a very healthy parental instinct mainly when they listen to the yelps of a little one in pain. This form of calling is useful in the springtime when coyotes stay together in a tightly knit pack. That is when it is best to make use of puppy yelps to them: hand out some calls and call each one even louder to imitate the real-life condition when a puppy gets lost.

A Threatening Growl

In case, you are sure that you are hunting within a pack’s neighborhood, sending a challenge is an excellent technique to lure aggressive coyotes. They will go in an investigation of the danger, trying to get rid of it, so that you can attract them easily towards you. Create these sounds close to their dens. It means you will separate the aggressors from the remaining pack.

To have the highest success using this approach, you should simulate the communication of one particular female or male coyote challenge. That is because it is an easy target to deal with, so it is more probable the males would try to dismiss the newcomer.

There are a few difficulties associated with this type of vocalization. Such as remaining in their precise place, or else, you will not seem a potential threat which must get eliminated.

Programmed Sounds

The sound collection will usually get the coyotes approaching close to what your location. The majority of the brands would try to have more calls on one device as possible. They are the calls that might require more time using the hand call to make a perfect call. Depending on the type, often it is doable to add some calls of yours to the digital call.

Battery Life and Type

Among the key highlights of your coyote call is to have it on hand during the hunting. You want a thing that will go on a long time, so you do not have to stress about running out of gas before you ready to return home. For this reason, almost all choices available are battery powered thus you can bring it along with you anywhere you go.

The battery type is also essential to consider. However, all batteries are not exact. It is likely that you buy an electronic caller with rechargeable battery packs while the rest could have disposable ones. Based on the uses, you can pick the one that you think works stable for the outside conditions.


The control distance is another factor you always should remember when selecting the top coyote caller. You may not wish to stand right after the origin of the call that is about to draw in a predator hence having a good range is a necessary element of your game call. The bigger your control distance, the higher you will pay, so it is among the significant reasons deciding your choice.


Well, the electric call wants the proper amplifier to replicate the call at a larger volume for this to travel even more. You should watch out to not just how noisy it gets, yet also how much influence you got over the sound. Some calls have preset sound settings that are more exact although will offer you lesser control while some others allow you to change the range to what you need.

It is good knowing you own the right coyote call. Using the tips above, selecting the best one should never be an issue.

FAQs About Hunting Game and Mouth Callers

What is the difference between a smaller and bigger e-caller?

Typically the small the unit the less volume it will make and this can decrease its control distance. Bigger devices could produce more sounds but will get less convenient to take around and bulkier.

Should I use an electronic or a regular call?

If you are sure a coyote is more vulnerable to taking challenges, an electronic caller that will permit you to make use of hands to hold your binoculars or gun is better. However, if you do not know if the coyote is close by or maybe that interested, it is better to work with a standard call.

Are manual calls suitable for modern-day hunting?

While it was okay for the highly-skilled hunters; and for predators which were less skeptical than the predators today; having the edge over today’s predator games calls for better methods.


Hopefully, once you finish checking this buyer’s guide, you will get a better plan as to what is the proper predator call to you, and it will assist you to become a more effective hunter.

Let Hunter Within Me team understand what you think about the review and whether you have got any experiences with one of the best coyote calls which we reviewed here.

Now, leave there and enjoy hunting!


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