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Welcome to Hunter Within Me’s animals database, here you will information about each animal which you’re looking to hunt or to learn more. This page contain the index of the animals but click the learn more button which will take a full page dedicated to that animal.

Please note: This page is under development which means new animal (s) will be added periodically.

At the moment I have listed the animals which are completed and they are popular among the hunters however if you request an animal which is not listed here then you can contact me and I will try to include it as soon as possible.


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COYOTE (Canis latrans)

Coyotes are also known as Canis latrans. They are one of the most instinctive and smartest predators in the wild. Adapting to any inhabitant and hunting in packs are some of their behavioral highlights.

Hunting down a coyote successfully demands more than just skill and patience. Gone are the days when coyotes got hunted with simple methods. Time is changing rapidly, and they understand they are getting killed.

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Deer is one animal that any enthusiastic hunter would love to get his hands. Often referred to as “Buck” in the hunting world, it is one of the commonly hunted animals in the world.

Deer rarely opts for aggression but always prefer to evade from the scene as soon as possible with minimal inflict. So, hunting them down is not going to be easy as you would have expected.

Luckily, with the wide variety of equipment available for deer hunting, your experience will be a memorable one.

Duck (Bird)

The first name that comes to our mind when thinking about waterfowl hunting is the duck. Duck is, to be honest not the fearsome predator that you can pride in for the prize but something that makes up for good outdoor sporting activity.

Duck hunting is always going to pose a challenge as it involves the element of water. Duck calls and decoys are your best friends to trick them into your mastermind trap.

Slow and steady win the race! That should be your approach here.

Turkey (Bird)

Turkey is one of the largest bird found in the wilderness. Americans love to hunt them more than anybody else due to the luxury of hunting seasons. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than bagging a turkey of your own for the Thanksgiving dinner.

The appearance and nature of this bird prove hunting them a bit tricky. Get ready to pursuit them deep down with all your tricks up the sleeve.

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