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About Me

My name is Olden Shelton, and I am the Founder and Chief Editor of Hunter Within Me Blog. It can help you discover the world of wilderness.

I have learned a lot of things in the past two decades. From hunting to survival, and through outdoors, I have got you taken care of.

Being in the hunting field is something I love and have been going since I was a little child. I recall the first occasion my father took me for doing deer scouting.

As I have grown up, I keep on getting outdoors and enjoy mother earth whenever possible. Apart from that, I got a beautiful family and an intelligent dog.

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One Blog for Hunting, Fishing, Survival, Outdoors, Camping, & Hiking Guides.

If you have found your direction over here, it should mean you are interested somewhat in the great outdoors, may it be hunting, fishing, survival, outdoors, camping, or hiking.

We have been all there. You need that best piece of equipment. Hours of analysis, causing you to take that decision. And we’ve been there, the next month when the better product came out.

Here at Hunter Within Me, we do not want you to take that call alone. We need you to be educated, and we need to make it simple. We are not advertisers; we are not marketers; we are field professionals that test what we suggest.

Why We Started
Hunter Within Me?

HunterWithinMe was established when we were looking for something on hunting gear. It did not take us long to realize hunters did not create the websites at Google’s top search results.

Those websites were created by those great at marketing, not from people who have an interest in the game.

We feel that is wrong, not only wrong, yet it can place somebody’s life under threat. So, we thought of creating a platform in which only real pros can discuss.

It allows the wilderness love to unite everyone and anyone who enjoys this activity and has a genuine care for it.

How Hunter Within Me Works?

Why You should trust us?

What Our Blog Will Contain?


Like to do hunting? Here we jot down the top hunting gear in the marketplace and will be presenting you all the details you require to make your following hunting expedition.


We like to fish. Therefore, we have had the experience and done the homework to give you details on the top fishing equipment out there.


From the best survival clothing to a few of the best survival knives, our editorial members have been capable of reviewing various survival gear.


Here is where we share our outdoor experiences with you. We will not hold anything and always will ensure you check the most accurate outdoors gear reviews on the internet.

Camping and Hiking

Love camping & hiking? We too! Because of this, we have provided details on numerous types of hiking boots, camping tents, and virtually any other camping and hiking gear you could think.


Maybe you need to find some quick information about your go-to accessories? We got all the details you want on the most famous accessories.

Product Reviews

Our product reviews can help you make informed choices about the gear that you should get, and which one you should stay away.


After you have your gear chosen, you require some kind of tutorials or tips on how to get going in the sport. We take you around all the tricks & tips in this section.


It’s where we would list the best hunting, survival & outdoor expos happening all over the globe, which may interest you plus Hunter Within Me is a sponsor or partner for those events.

Our Final Words for you

To conclude, we only are a platform to give you information to make you understand what is popular and what is not, and what you ought to consider before buying.

Subscribe to our email list if you need to know when new products release into the marketplace and when the latest stories in the universe of fishing, hunting, outdoors, survival, hiking & camping go live.

In case, you have got any doubts about anything we have covered or want some help, do not hesitate to drop us a message here in our contact us page.

We enjoy what we do and love to share our expertise, but we cannot do it without your support!

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